Cloud-native automation: the transformation of CSP networks

05 May 2023 | Research

Ameer Gaili

Perspective | PDF (20 pages) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies

Automation is essential to realising key benefits of cloud-native networks, such as low total cost of ownership (TCO), elasticity, and self healing. However, communications service providers (CSPs) face many challenges in achieving these benefits.

A major challenge is that network automation developed for one virtualised network function is not necessarily transferable to others. Therefore, cloud-native network automation tools and standards that address this challenge must be open source and driven by community collaboration, such as Nephio.

Google Cloud partnered with Analysys Mason on a study to understand what other automation challenges CSPs face, where CSPs are in their cloud-native journeys, what their cloud-native automation strategies look like, and their attitudes towards Nephio.

This report showcases the key findings from the online survey and CSP interviews.

Cloud-native automation: the transformation of CSP networks

Perspective (PDF)