Leveraging cloud-native technology: CSP strategies for success in the 5G private market

26 September 2023 | Research

Daniel Beazer | Ibraheem Kasujee

Perspective | PDF (13 pages) | Edge and Media Platforms| Cloud Infrastructure Strategies

"Only a few CSPs possess the expertise to manage the complex requirements of private 5G end-to-end for their enterprise customers."


Private 5G networks offer communications service providers (CSPs) a route to new revenue streams. By building private 5G networks for their enterprise customers, CSPs can enable a wide range of applications and use cases, as well as complement or upgrade their customers’ existing network technologies. However, private 5G networks have complex requirements for support, automation and integration across the value chain. Few CSPs possess the expertise to manage these requirements end-to-end for their enterprise customers. CSPs should therefore look for partners that can simplify private 5G network deployments. CSPs will then be able to focus on providing differentiated services to their enterprise customers.

This report includes discussion of the following topics

  • The market opportunity for 5G private networks
    • The rapid expansion of the private 5G market
  • The drivers behind enterprise demand for private 5G networks
    • Improving efficiencies with new use cases
    • Bringing cloud to operational technology
    • Rationalising network infrastructure
  • Challenges to enterprise adoption of 5G networks
  • The private 5G network opportunity for CSPs
    • CSPs will need a cloud-native and multi-cloud platform
    • CSPs need a platform that can deliver preintegrated, pretested and highly automated solutions for enterprise customers
    • CSPs will need to choose the right partners to deliver a successful private network solution
  • Recommendations for CSPs

Leveraging cloud-native technology: CSP strategies for success in the 5G private market

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