Optical distribution networks of the future: pre-connectorised and digitalised

25 February 2022 | Research

Perspective | PDF (15 pages)

"Pre-connectorisation and digitalisation represent increasingly important trends for the optical distribution networks of the future."


This report examines the value of innovation in FTTP operators’ optical distribution networks (ODNs).

As FTTP coverage and subscriber numbers increase in the coming years, operators will need to strive to keep costs down, roll out FTTP rapidly, perform subscriber installations quickly and deliver an optimal customer experience, for example, by rapidly rectifying faults when they occur. In order to meet these challenges, operators will need to assess how they can transform their ODNs and make use of new technologies.

This report looks at the future evolution of FTTP operators’ ODNs in terms of the benefits of deploying pre-connectorised fibre and digitalising the ODN.

The report discusses the value of pre-connectorised fibre and digitalisation of the ODN based on the results of a survey of 15 operators carried out by Analysys Mason.

In addition, it provides quantitative information on the expected rate of growth in the proportion of new FTTP homes that are passed with pre-connectorised fibre and explains the drivers behind the expected increase.

The report also discusses the state of the vendor landscape for boxes for pre-connectorised fibre used in FTTP networks. With regard to ODN digitalisation, the report assesses the prospects for future take-up and outlines the factors that will encourage its adoption.

To conclude, the report provides some recommendations for FTTP operators that are examining how they can promote innovation throughout the ODN lifecycle.

Optical distribution networks of the future: pre-connectorised and digitalised

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