Accelerating spectrum availability is crucial for Morocco to reap the benefits of 5G

22 February 2023 | Research

Caroline Gabriel | Michela Venturelli

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"We have identified several levers to be considered by policymakers to accelerate the development of 5G in Morocco."


5G is expected to play a bigger role in enabling social and economic change than 3G or 4G did. This is because it supports higher data rates than its predecessors, and has a wide range of capabilities such as ultra-low latency, support for massive numbers of sensors and devices, and enhanced levels of reliability and security. 

This implies that 5G networks can enable or enhance a range of use cases beyond advanced connectivity, which can benefit a variety of vertical sectors. In Morocco, 5G could contribute to the country’s economic development and help the government to meet the three goals outlined in the development strategy published by government agency Agence de Développement du Digital in March 2020, including the digitalisation of government services combined with a broadening of internet access, the improvement of the competitiveness of the Moroccan economy, and the creation of a more inclusive digital society.

The speed at which these benefits can be achieved depends however on policymakers taking the necessary steps to facilitate the introduction of 5G and working to ensure its long-term success. We have identified four broad enablers that are relevant to the overall success of 5G and this report provides a list of recommendations for policymakers in Morocco.

Accelerating spectrum availability is crucial for Morocco to reap the benefits of 5G

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Caroline Gabriel

Research Director, expert in network and cloud strategies and architecture