High altitude platforms, 5th edition

01 May 2023 | Research

Dallas Kasaboski


This report identifies the key factors and trends driving the market.

It dives into the major applications and use cases for high-altitude platforms (HAPs), with a particular focus on communications and remote sensing, which are considered the primary markets for HAPs. In addition, we present a qualitative discussion of other key applications such as launch, technology testing, and science missions.

This report provides business-critical insights for strategic decision-making and positioning for long-term growth and future-proofing your business.

Questions answered in this report

  • What are the challenges in HAPs markets and what is needed to overcome them?
  • How can HAPs effectively compete with satellite-based communication systems and be a viable option for end users?
  • What strategies will ensure that regulation and air traffic control can accommodate HAPs safely and without interference?
  • How can the HAPs market leverage rising demand for communications, remote sensing, and other markets to grow its presence and generate new revenue streams?
  • What is the state of play in terms of partnerships and collaborations between HAPs providers, MNOs, and governments to accelerate deployment of HAPs for communications?

Who should purchase this report

  • Mobile network operators
  • Investors and financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Satellite operators
  • Aircraft/Spacecraft Manufacturers and Integrators
  • Sub-system and component manufacturers
  • Ground systems manufacturers and service providers
  • Regulatory agencies and policy makers

Covered in this report

  • Industry updates/deals
  • Market adoption trends by application

Report segmentation

Units and revenue for:

  • platforms (balloons, pseudo-satellites, airships)
  • region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia)
  • application (communications, remote sensing, other applications).

Companies mentioned in this report

AeroVironment, Airbus Defense & Space, Alphalink, Altec SPA, ATA Aerospace, Avealto, Cell & Sat, CIRA Italian Center for Aerospace Research, COMEX, ESA, JP Aerospace, KuangChi Science, LEO Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Near Space Corporation, Omnidea, QinetiQ, Raven Aerostar, SES, Skytec Engineering, SWRI, Spacemetric, Thales Alenia Space,  World View Enterprises, Zero2Infinity, Intelsat, Softbank -HAPS Mobile, Ordnance Survey, CNES, Boeing, Space Perspectives, HAPS Alliance , Aalto HAPS, Amprius , Sceye, Stratosyst


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Dallas Kasaboski

Principal Analyst, expert in space and satellite