In-orbit satellite services, 7th edition

01 February 2024 | Research

Dallas Kasaboski | Dafni Christodoulopoulou | Charlotte Van Camp

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (22 slides); Excel; CSV

"In-orbit services will ultimately become standard options for the industry, but will only be a truly commercial solution if the providers establish a clear strategy."


This report provides an overview and analysis of the market for in-orbit satellite services (IOS), active debris removal (ADR), and space-situational awareness (SSA), for GEO and non-GEO orbits over the next decade. 

The report analyses the technological- and market-readiness of services aimed at improving satellite lifetime, capabilities and mission flexibility, and space sustainability.

Key questions answered in the report

  • What will be the in-orbit servicing, SSA and ADR market size in the next 10 years? 
  • What are the key factors driving the IOS market size in the next 10 years? 
  • Which IOS offerings will represent the largest portion of the market? 
  • What are the policy and regulatory challenges affecting the development of IOS applications? 

Who should read this report

  • In-orbit servicing providers
  • Space agencies
  • Insurance brokers and providers
  • Investors and financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Satellite operators
  • Satellite manufacturers
  • Launch service providers
  • Launch brokers and integrators
  • Sub-system and component manufacturers
  • Ground systems manufacturers and service providers
  • Policy makers
  • Data analytics companies


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