Satellite and space cyber-security markets

01 August 2022 | Research

Dallas Kasaboski

Forecast report

This report assesses and examines the full cyber-security landscape for space and satellite markets across four key applications: communications, Earth observation (EO), navigation and in-orbit servicing/space situational awareness (IoS/SSA).

As the market moves to implement technologies preventing attacks and secure the space and ground segment, a new wave of security practices based on a zero-trust architecture are required. This report provides assessment of key players and deals as well as an assessment of the regulatory framework and its impact on the business, forecasts this total market opportunity in terms of revenues for both government & military as well as commercial end-users and for both manufacturing and services.

This latest offering leverages NSR’s industry-leading research into the global space economy, VSAT broadband satellite markets, government and military satellite communications, Earth observation, in-orbit servicing/space situational awareness, quantum communications via Satellite, and global satellite manufacturing and launch. The report offers a full appraisal of the government initiatives and framework for the evolution of the market including government investments and major funding trends across the value chain for both the upstream (manufacturing) and downstream (services) segments.

Who should purchase this report

  • Communications satellite operators
  • Service providers
  • Satellite and spacecraft manufacturers
  • Information technology companies
  • Computing hardware and software providers
  • Ground station operators
  • Ground service providers
  • EO satellite operators
  • Cloud service providers
  • R&D organisations
  • Systems integrators
  • Space agencies and government institutions


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