Satellite and non-terrestrial networks: opportunities for telecoms operators

11 July 2022 | Research

Caroline Gabriel

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (20 slides) | Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"Operators must make key decisions now or risk missing out on the benefits of satellite partnerships."


Non-terrestrial networks (NTN) are maturing and could play a valuable role in extending the reach of telecoms services, especially as they converge with 5G. To mitigate the risk of being excluded from emerging value chains, telecoms operators must assess how NTN can enhance their business cases and then identify the partnerships or investments that will be most productive.

Key questions answered in this report

  • Why should telecoms operators consider incorporating NTN into their business plans?
  • What is being done to unify the next generation of networks from an operational and technical perspective?
  • What is the potential impact of NTN on 5G business models, including on areas such as coverage, xHaul and new services?
  • What are the opportunities and threats to telecoms operators and what are the key factors that they should evaluate when forming partnerships?

The role of terrestrial networks in the NTN ecosystem

The role of terrestrial networks in the NTN ecosystem


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