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Virtual assistants: a game-changer for CSP customer engagement

06 April 2021 | Research

John Abraham Yushan Chen

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (16 slides) | Customer Engagement

"The widespread adoption of virtual assistants can help CSPs to improve engagement and competitiveness, while reducing costs."


Changing customer habits and the growing ubiquity of Alexa and Google Assistant has led to an increase in the acceptance and popularity of conversational AI platforms. The adoption and diffusion of digital channels is surging thanks to COVID-19 pandemic, and virtual assistants (VAs) are gaining traction in the customer engagement space.

This report provides:

  • an overview of what is driving interest in VAs and why communications service providers (CSPs) should accelerate their adoption of these solutions
  • a brief discussion on how the lack of end-to-end offerings in the VA space provides an opportunity for vendors
  • an overview of the key considerations for CSPs as they get ready to deploy VAs.


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