Dynamic spectrum sharing will boost operators’ 5G network deployments

16 March 2021 | Research

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"Dynamic spectrum sharing technology will enable mobile network operators to launch 5G using existing spectrum bands and gain a first-mover advantage."


Access to the 3.5GHz band is considered to be necessary for mobile network operators (MNOs) to roll out 5G services, but national regulatory authorities (NRAs) in some countries have not planned or released spectrum in this band. MNOs in this situation should use dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) technology to deploy 5G non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) networks using the spectrum they already have. MNOs will further benefit from what Analysys Mason calls DSS+ solutions – those that can mix legacy 2G and 3G technologies with 4G and 5G on the same band and increase spectrum usage efficiency.

This report provides:

  • an analysis of how DSS and DSS+ technologies will help operators as they roll out 5G NSA networks and plan for SA networks
  • recommendations for MNOs and vendors that include advice about adding carrier aggregation (CA) to their roadmaps
  • a discussion of the advantages that DSS+ offers to MNOs that want to use legacy spectrum for 5G without negatively affecting the quality of established 2G and 3G network services.


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