Will Nephio become the standard for cloud-native automation in the network cloud?

02 December 2022 | Research

Joseph Attwood | Ameer Gaili

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies

"Nephio is off to a good start as an industry initiative, but CSPs and vendors will need to identify requirements and actively participate."


Nephio is an open-source project launched by the Linux Foundation and Google Cloud. It aims to standardise cloud-native automation for the network cloud across multiple domains so that communication service providers (CSPs) can fully realise the benefits of cloud-native architecture. 

Topics included in this report

  • The potential benefits of Nephio’s Kubernetes-based approach to configuration compared to current approaches
  • The impact on CSPs and vendors of standardising cloud-native automation across different network domains
  • How CSPs and vendors can contribute to Nephio


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