Satellite launch market: strategies for service providers

08 January 2024 | Research

Dallas Kasaboski

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Satellite Infrastructure

"The launch market has tremendous opportunities with the advent of satellite constellations but is at risk of becoming a monopoly."


SpaceX’s near-monopoly of the satellite launch service market is the result of its improvement and the support it gets from the US government. In addition, competitors’ launch vehicles are still in development. New launch vehicles are expected but launch service providers will need to have a clear approach to demonstrating the value of their services if they are to gain a share of this competitive market.

Information provided in this report

  • An analysis of the satellite launch market, including the level of control that SpaceX currently exerts, and the reasons why
  • An assessment of which segments of the market provide the best opportunities over the next decade
  • Recommendations for launch service providers


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