The 5G network: an experiment with a USD300 billion prize

19 October 2021 | Research

Caroline Gabriel

Video | Operator Investment Strategies| Edge and Media Platforms| Cloud Infrastructure Strategies| Data, AI and Development Platforms


Caroline Chappell (Research Director) and Caroline Gabriel (Research Director) gave this presentation at Analysys Mason's 11th annual Telecoms Summit, originally broadcast on 11 October 2021. This virtual event was designed to help operators and vendors to understand the key drivers and trends that are influencing the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry worldwide.

The presentation answers the following questions.

  • Why do operators need to experiment with 5G?
  • What is the real significance of the 5G network?
  • How can operators maximise their chances of success?

Analysys Mason's Telecoms Summit 2021

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Caroline Gabriel

Research Director, expert in network and cloud strategies and architecture