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Media Platforms

The Media Platforms programme analyses the requirements that telecoms operators and communications service providers (CSPs) have in the evolving TV/media landscape with new distribution and engagement models (OTT/IP, super-aggregation) and new forms of content (cloud-gaming, AR/VR). Our research helps operators, CSPs and vendors to translate these requirements into the changes needed in content management, optimisation, monetisation and delivery infrastructure.

Key themes

  • Edge computing and 5G: the role of edge computing and 5G in enabling media and entertainment services.
  • Cloud transformation: the rise of SaaS and cloud-based platform models; opportunities and threats for vendors.
  • Video service ecosystems: integrating third-party OTT media propositions into operator and CSP services.
  • Cloud gaming: operators’ and CSPs’ role in enabling cloud gaming services, and necessary infrastructure and delivery technology and QoS/QoE requirements.
  • Addressable advertising: technology strategies for operators and CSPs to capture an increased share of advertising revenue.

Programme head Gorkem Yigit

Gorkem Yigit Principal Analyst | Research