The Cloud research practice focuses on the telecoms industry’s implementation of telco cloud, cloud networking and edge cloud technologies as operators seek to build highly automated and programmable network platforms that transform the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their networks, generate new sources of revenue and prepare for the future demands of 6G. 

Cloud technologies covered by the practice include cloud-native infrastructure (Kubernetes/CaaS and PaaS), cloud-native network automation tooling, multicloud networking solutions, edge-native cloud stacks and cloud-based data management and AI/analytics products and services. Cloud technologies are supplied by a range of vendors, including long-established IT players such as IBM and Microsoft, open-source pioneers such as Red Hat, and hyperscale public cloud providers such as AWS and Google.

The Cloud research practice benchmarks telecoms industry adoption of such cloud technologies, assessing operator organisational and operational readiness and vendor progress towards cloud-native transformation.

Practice head Caroline Chappell

Caroline Chappell Partner

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Our curated resources range from the basics of vRAN and Open RAN to the latest advancements in this field and forecasts derived from a wide range of operator surveys, economic analysis and customer projects.

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