Edge and Media Platforms


This programme examines the market for edge computing nodes in three locations: at interconnect sites, in metro locations and close to enterprise end users (industrial edge), It assesses the opportunity for different types of edge node builders, including operators, public cloud providers, content delivery network and data center providers. Our findings are based on extensive research, involving interviews with vendors, edge node builders and enterprises. 


  • Edge and AI. Investigating the impact of AI inferencing on demand for local edge compute. 
  • Edge node builder strategies. How operators can compete effectively against other types of edge node builders.
  • Public industrial edge. Exploring the use cases that will drive demand for shared edge nodes very close to the consumers and producers of data.

Questions answered

  • Edge and AI. What processing demands will AI make on edge nodes, how should they be right-sized and which vendors should edge node builders partner with to build AI-enabled edge nodes?
  • Edge and AI. What impact will the growing deployment of AI, and particularly GenAI, inferencing models have on the edge market?
  • Edge node builder strategies. What are the main opportunities and challenges for operators as they compete for edge market share against other types of edge node builder, including PCPs, CDN and DC providers, utility and tower companies?
  • Public industrial edge. How quickly will demand emerge for shared, off-premises edge infrastructure that can be used by operational technology (OT) applications as well as field operations use cases?
  • Public industrial edge. Where will public industrial edges be built and who is well-positioned to provide them?