Edge and Media Platforms

The Edge and Media Platforms programme analyses the key building block technologies and architecture of the edge computing infrastructure that is emerging to support the delivery of applications and services for 5G, media, entertainment and other industries.

The programme tracks the adoption of edge clouds in operator networks and examines the value chain and market opportunities for operators as well as their suppliers and partners including public cloud providers, CDN providers and industry specialists.

Key themes

  • The architectural requirements of the highly distributed, cloud-native edge computing infrastructure.
  • Analysis of operator roles and strategies in enabling edge computing services for various industry verticals (media and entertainment, supply chain, manufacturing, financial services) and assess infrastructure and delivery technology requirements.
  • Market size and forecast of operators’ public and private edge cloud computing spend.
  • Analysis of the investment drivers and the evolution of the edge value chain, partnerships and industry alliances.

Programme head Daniel Beazer

Daniel Beazer Senior Analyst