Multi-Cloud networking


The Multi-Cloud Networking research programme focuses on the cloud-native and software-defined networking (SDN)-based transformation of IP networking technologies and services to support the connectivity requirements of distributed applications running across multiple cloud environments.

We examine the architectural building blocks and trends of emerging multi-cloud connectivity platforms that offer networks-as-a-service (NaaS) to application developers. Such platforms promise to collapse traditional networking layers (L2/3 routing and L4–7 applications) and converge cloud, compute and networking resources into a single, containerised, cloud-native fabric that can be distributed across cloud and edge infrastructure.

We also track vendor, operator and challenger service provider progress and market opportunities, as well as the impact of multi-cloud connectivity on the IP networking value chain.

Key themes

  • Architectural vision of multi-cloud networking and the role and adoption of cloud-native routing, SDN, traffic engineering (such as segment routing) and IP network disaggregation technologies
  • Market sizing and forecast of multi-cloud NaaS and the underlying technology platform spending by enterprises and service providers
  • Competitive analysis of the multi-cloud networking landscape, including service providers and technology vendors, using benchmark research
  • Analysis of the transformation of L4–7 applications (security, load balancing and optimisation) to cloud-native architecture and their convergence with cloud-native routing
  • Analysis of the Kubernetes, service mesh and application-driven networking trends and ecosystem

Programme head Gorkem Yigit

Gorkem Yigit Research Director