Fibre Infrastructure Strategies

Full fibre build is at the top of the list of investment priorities of many operators, and excites the interest of new investors. It is the quintessential defensible asset, yet operators have to dig deep, metaphorically and literally, to have it, so getting the business model right is critical. Full-fibre broadband will be the main revenue generator, but other use cases bulk up revenue, new technologies can be deployed on the passive network, and possible new end points for the optical distribution network emerge. The programme covers the booming world of fibre access.

Key themes

  • Fibre capex, bill of costs and time for deployment.
  • Fibre coverage.
  • Business models for fibre monetisation, wholesale.
  • Emerging fixed access technologies: 10G/50G, SDAN.
  • Coax and wireless substitutes.
  • Ownership trends (co-investment, separation, sharing models).
  • Policy.

Programme head Rupert Wood

Rupert Wood Research Director