Operator Investment Strategies

The Operator Investment Strategies research programme provides in-depth analysis of the financial models that are emerging in the telecoms industry in the 2020s. It helps senior decision makers within operators, as well as their suppliers, partners and investors, to understand the main patterns of financing and ownership in networks and platforms, and the best routes to healthy return on investment. Drawing on detailed case studies and analysis of traditional telcos and emerging operators worldwide, our research also provides detailed modelling and forecasting of capex and opex in the period to 2026.

Key themes

  • How operator spending is changing in response to new technologies and new business opportunities. A full picture of total cost of ownership based on capex and opex forecasting is aligned with monetisation case studies.
  • What are the new sources of funding coming into the telecoms market? New investors in telecoms platforms, such as neutral hosts and cloud providers, are assessed and their business models analysed.
  • How operators can achieve strong ROI by adopting different balances between asset ownership and a shared, asset-light model.

Programme head Michela Venturelli

Michela Venturelli Senior Analyst