Satellite Infrastructure


The satellite industry is growing rapidly, narrowing the gap between terrestrial and space infrastructure, opening new opportunities in low-Earth orbit (LEO), geostationary orbit (GEO) and beyond Earth. Volume-driven constellations to larger-scale missions are changing the space industry landscape.

Our Satellite Infrastructure programme analyses the landscape, key trends, challenges and opportunities to give clear strategy for the road ahead for satellite manufacturing and launch. This programme provides strategic advisory on price dynamics, competition and market demand for satellite infrastructure.


  • Satellite orders and launch. GEO/LEO orders, flexibility, and pricing, constellation status, costing, development, deployment and launch evolution.
  • Building the new space infrastructure. Lunar and beyond Earth, in-orbit servicing, space situational awareness.
  • Multi-domain delivery models. From infrastructure-as-a-service to software-defined satellites across all orbits.

Questions answered

  • What are the changes in the satellite manufacturing and launch markets opportunity?
  • Which satellite applications will drive infrastructure development?
  • What is the impact of constellations across the industry and for each application?
  • Which innovations are driving changes in building and launching satellites?
  • Which new services will create opportunities for upstream and downstream players
  • Which players are best positioned to succeed and why?
  • Which strategies should infrastructure players follow to ensure success?

Programme head Dallas Kasaboski

Dallas Kasaboski Principal Analyst, expert in space and satellite

The pulse of the satellite industry: questions and answers for senior executives 2023