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Global telecoms market: trends and forecasts 2017–2022 based on 2Q and 3Q 2017 data

Julia Martusewicz-Kulinska Senior Analyst, Research
William Hare Principal Analyst, Research

"Telecoms service revenue (retail and wholesale) will increase during the forecast period, driven by the growth of mobile handset and fixed broadband revenue."

Retail revenue growth will continue during the forecast period, mostly due to increasing worldwide mobile handset data revenue and progressing next-generation access (NGA) networks roll-out. Mobile retail revenue will account for 60% of the total fixed and mobile retail telecoms revenue worldwide by 2022. Increasing smartphone penetration of the population worldwide, combined with improving 4G coverage and a high demand for media streaming on mobiles, will drive increased data usage and mobile handset revenue in all regions.

This report and data annex provide:

  • a 5-year forecast of more than 180 mobile and fixed KPIs for the worldwide telecoms markets and for eight regions
  • an in-depth analysis of the trends, drivers and forecast assumptions for each type of mobile and fixed service in each geographical region, and a worldwide summary
  • an overview of operator strategies and region-specific topics, in order to highlight similarities and differences by means of a cross-regional comparison
  • a summary of results, key implications and recommendations for mobile and fixed operators
  • worldwide totals are refreshed every time any of the regional results are updated.


Geographical coverage


Key performance indicators

Regions modelled

  • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
  • Developed Asia–Pacific (DVAP)
  • Emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP)
  • Latin America (LATAM)
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • North America (NA)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)
  • Western Europe (WE)


This forecast includes historical data up to:

  • 2Q 2017: DVAP, LATAM and MENA
  • 3Q 2017: CEE, EMAP, NA, SSA and WE



  • Handset, mobile broadband, IoT
  • Prepaid, contract
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
  • Smartphone,


  • Voice, broadband, IPTV, dial-up
  • Narrowband voice, VoBB
  • DSL, FTTP/B, cable, BFWA, other

Fixed and mobile voice traffic

  • Outgoing minutes, MoU



  • Service, retail
  • Prepaid, contract
  • Handset, mobile broadband, IoT
  • Handset voice, messaging, data


  • Service, retail
  • Voice, broadband, IPTV, dial-up, BNS
  • DSL, FTTP/B, cable, BFWA, other

Mobile ARPU

  • SIMs, handset
  • Prepaid, contract
  • Handset voice, data