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Impact of the internet and digitization on the European creative sector (PDF 14.2 KB)

Study examining the impact of the internet and digitalisation on the European creative sector. 

Unleashing the power of all domains: the social, cultural, and economic benefits of Universal Acceptance (PDF 2.69 MB)

This report examines the Universal Acceptance (UA) of the new international generic top-level Internet domain names

Regulatory options to promote investment in 5G and IoT infrastructure in Europe (PDF 2.5 MB)

Report looking at investment cases for 5G to help meet future digital and IoT needs.

UK Spectrum Policy Forum - Priorities for making best use cases of 5GHZ spectrum (PDF 2.3 MB)

Looking at future spectrum management and regulatory policy with a view to maximising the benefits of spectrum for the UK.

Africa telecoms outlook: key trends and opportunities (PDF, 58.3KB)

Thought leadership highlighting the important trends driving the development of the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) sectors in Africa.

Automated service assurance is critical for operationalising NFV/SDN (PDF, 1MB)

This report explains the importance of automation in operationalising NFV/SDN-based virtualised networks, and discusses the quick-win opportunities.

Creating a digital service provider using a big data analytics platform (PDF, 7.95MB)

This report analyses the changes that communications service providers need to make to their data analytics tools and environment when aspiring to become digital service providers (DSPs).

NFV, SDN and cloud are critical to the multiscreen, OTT, 4K video business case (PDF, 1.63MB)

This white paper evaluates quantifiable business benefits of implementing network function virtualisation (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud-enabled video services for fixed communication services providers (CSPs).

Service assurance is a critical part of operationalising NFV/SDN-based networks (PDF, 750KB)

This free white paper discusses the characteristics of the new service assurance and why it will be a crucial component in operationalising NFV/SDN.

Managed Introduction of New Services can accelerate communication service providers' transformation to digital service providers (PDF, 1.7MB)

This white paper examines the barriers to, and pillars of success for, the transformation of communication service providers (CSPs) to digital service providers (DSPs).

Delivering the digital future: telecoms operators' role in the digital economy (PDF, 1.7MB)

The role of telecoms operators in the the digital economy. Telecoms operators need to explore new ways of working that involve a greater degree of partnership and collaboration.

A study on the potential impact of the Digital Single Market on the sports audiovisual ecosystem in Europe (PDF, 1.3MB)

This report shows that EU cross-border access to online sports content services is a high-risk option for all stakeholders (consumers, broadcasters/distributors and sports rights owners).

The impact of telco cloud transformation and hybrid network management on CSPs’ operations (PDF, 815KB)

The report examines the likely impact of telco cloud transformation — specifically from network function virtualisation (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) — on various elements of CSPs’ operations lifecycle.

Anatomy of a digital service provider 2025 (PDF, 1MB)

This white paper examines how CSPs can position themselves to be the business platform providers of the future.

Small cell indoor coverage solutions (PDF, 2MB)

This white paper examines alternative technologies that provide indoor voice and mobile broadband coverage.

M2M and Internet of Things (IoT): opportunities for telecoms operators (PDF, 3.8MB)

Facing a relatively flat market for core services, IoT and M2M is a rare bright spot offering significant growth potential and the opportunity to take a role in new vertical markets, such as automotive, healthcare and smart cities.

On the cusp of change: customer engagement crucial to CSP digital transformation success (PDF, 2MB)

This white paper focuses on the significance of exceptional customer engagement and provides a brief overview of how CSPs could innovate on customer engagement and experience. 

Spectrum management approaches for E-BAND (70/80GHz) in selected markets (PDF, 3MB)

This latest report explores how E-band frequencies have been licensed for use in selected markets around the world and identifies the regulatory regimes best suited to current and future uses of the band.

Broadband in Asia-Pacific: how investment, partnerships and policy are driving a global success story (PDF, 1MB)

This report explores how the broadband ecosystem has developed in the Asia-Pacific region1 over the past 15 years, and the opportunities that this has created for consumers and telecoms operators. 

Extending UK superfast broadband beyond 95% of premises: a new bottom-up approach (PDF, 282KB)

A more granular, bottom-up approach utilising local knowledge to assess and deliver projects in Phase 3 will enable superfast broadband coverage to be optimised and the level of public subsidy to be minimised. 

Assessment of spectrum-related support for take-up and usage of mobile broadband services in GCC and other countries (PDF, 629KB)

This latest study from Analysys Mason examines the relationship between spectrum availability/allocation and the take-up and use of mobile broadband services (3G and LTE) across the six Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCCs), as well as across four countries at an earlier stage in the deployment and take-up lifecycle in Asia/the Middle East and four countries in developed markets. 

Superfast broadband coverage: international benchmarking report (PDF, 852MB)

The report confirms that the UK is already ahead of its European peers on measures such as superfast broadband1 coverage, take-up and average speeds. The UK also compares well with the countries often cited as the most advanced in the world, like Japan and South Korea. 

vCPE services business case: potentially billions of dollars payback for fixed CSPs (PDF, 1MB)

This white paper discusses the key findings of Analysys Mason's business case analysing the quantifiable business benefits of implementing a virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) solution for CPE-enabled services for developed market communications service providers (CSPs). 

An overlooked pillar of NFV/SDN: future-proofing the virtual network infrastructure (VNI) layer

This white paper outlines the imminent importance of the design, implementation and operational investment considerations of virtual network infrastructure (VNI) for communications service providers (CSPs) to adopt network function virtualisation (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) technologies. CSPs that are active in NFV/SDN recognise the value of VNI such as Telefónica's UNICA. 

The pivotal role of service assurance systems in NFV/SDN environments (PDF, 2.7MB)

This report provides insight into the capex and opex savings that communications service providers (CSPs) can achieve by implementing next-generation virtual IP probes, which provide multi-dimensional network intelligence in a virtualised IMS deployment scenario. 

Mobile and the digital economy (PDF, 1MB)

Analysys Mason's experts have shared their thoughts on some of the most important trends driving the development of the mobile sector during the next 12 months.

How a service operations centre can enable the transition to a customer-centric organisation

This report discusses the importance and the evolution of the SOC, in the broader context of how CSPs can reduce churn and increase revenue using superior customer experience as the basis for competitive differentiation. 

Asia–Pacific operator strategies for the next 5 years (PDF, 1MB)

This report features our experts' thoughts on some of the key trends and drivers in the Asia–Pacific region and their potential impact during the next 12 months.

Telecoms operators' approaches to M2M and IoT (PDF, 1MB)

This report explores the advantages and disadvantages of four different approaches telecoms operators are taking to M2M/IoT.

Beyond the digital façade: critical BSS components needed to deliver a digital customer experience (PDF, 719KB)

Communications service providers (CSPs) are well placed to take advantage of the shift towards digital economy services by becoming the digital service providers (DSPs) of choice for the consumer. 

VoLTE and VoWi-Fi: crucial deployment and assurance considerations for operators (PDF, 1MB)

This report discusses the key challenges faced by operators in deploying VoLTE services and provides an overview of Polystar Group's solution, which can address some of these challenges. 

Software strategies for operator profitability (PDF, 2MB)

Telecoms software has become a key enabler for new sources of revenue for communications service providers (CSPs). This exclusive, complimentary publication features our experts' insights into how new software strategies can increase CSP revenue and profits. The report is available to download now.

Working towards a fully connected Britain: key insights shaping our broadband future

This collection of thought leadership covers the convergence of telecoms and media networks, the links between the demand for TV and video services and supply of network capacity, and the prospects of broadband networks being used for linear TV, which could ultimately result in the DTT network being switched off. 

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