The DataHub enables clients to access historical and forecast data from the Regional Markets, SMB Technology Forecaster and other selected Analysys Mason research programmes.

The easy-to-use interface and intuitive filtering allows you to analyse data for thousands of metrics at the click of a mouse.

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Latest update information

11 June 2024: We published new Telco core forecasts based on 4Q 2023 data and new financial KPI historical data to 1Q 2024.

News and main features

  • The 'Telco' portal has around 2600 metrics in the 'Actuals' and 'Forecast' tabs, providing data on the commercial activity of telecommunications operators. Financial values are available in USD, EUR or local currency.
  • The 'SMB Technology Forecaster' portal contains forecasts of business spending on ICT, with around 120 000 metrics available in total.
  • You can view on-screen charts to analyse trends and make comparisons between markets and operators, export your data to Excel and save and reload your saved searches.
  • Report landing pages on the Analysys Mason website include direct links to the DataHub and the data for each report.
  • The DataHub application was updated in September 2023 and is now hosted on the cloud. This transition delivered enhanced responsiveness and greater capacity, paving the way further expansion with additional datasets in the future.
DataHub information pack

Download our DataHub information pack to find out more, or view the full list of metrics available and get an overview of coverage by geography.

Information pack Full list of metrics

About DataHub

The data that you can see in the DataHub is determined by your subscription.

DataHub is constantly expanding in scope. It includes the entire suite of data associated with the Regional Markets research practice, as well as datasets from other 'Telco' topic research programmes and the SMB Technology Forecaster.

The 'Telco' portal is split into two main sets of data: the 'Actuals' tab provides operator and country data and is updated quarterly while the 'Forecasts' tab provides a number of forecast datasets, which are updated fully each year, with frequent partial updates in between.


The 'Telco actuals' tab provides country and operator data from the Regional Markets research programmes, including Financial KPIs, and European Telecoms Market Matrix. Key market data is provided for 83 countries and over 600 operators. Data is updated quarterly, and provided for years, quarters and some half-years. We also include fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) metrics for 17 countries.       


The telco core forecasts provide country data from the following research programmes: European Core Forecasts, Asia–Pacific, The Middle East and Africa, Americas and Global Telecoms Forecasts. These forecasts use around 200 standardised metrics to give a comprehensive overview of key market developments in 82 countries, and provide aggregated results for 8 regions and the whole world (over 90 geographies in all). We provide an additional 170 metrics for Europe.

The 'Telco forecasts' tab also includes an expanding set of granular topic datasets (see below for details).     

  • IoT forecasts (1200+ metrics, 90+ geographies). Granular IoT forecasts, split by IoT sector, revenue stream and technology. Click here for information about the assumptions, definitions and methodology used in our IoT forecasts.
  • Business forecasts (around 700 metrics, 60+ geographies). Granular forecasts for businesses, split by enterprise size categories. 
  • Pay-TV forecasts (around 70 metrics, 60+ geographies). Forecasts of pay-TV households, services and spend, split by pay-TV service delivery platform.   
  • Communications services forecasts (100+ metrics, 70+ geographies). Forecasts of voice and messaging services by technology (traditional/IP), and operator/OTT player.
  • Data network traffic forecasts (around 40 metrics, 50+ geographies). Forecasts of fixed and wireless network data traffic by technology and device.
  • Fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) forecasts (around 20 metrics, 17 geographies). Forecasts for the adoption of, and revenue from, FMC services.


The SMB Technology Forecaster dataset carries around 120 000 metrics, which provide forecasts of business demand for over 130 ICT categories up to 2028. Demand is expressed in terms of spending, shipments and installed base. All metrics are segmented by 13 size categories and 19 industry verticals, and spend is also categorised by 5 routes to market. Data is available for 65 geographies, including 52 individually-modelled countries, 8 regional/worldwide totals and 5 'rest of region' results. Subscription to this data is available in 6 modules (subsets of the data with the focus on particular clusters of technologies).

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Latest update – 11 June 2024

We have published new Telco core forecasts based on 4Q 2023 data and new financial KPI historical data to 1Q 2024.

Latest 'Telco' core forecast versions Publication date Based on historical data up to: Status
Worldwide 6 June 2024 1Q 2023 NEW
North America 6 June 2024 4Q 2023 NEW
Middle East and North Africa 6 June 2024 4Q 2023 NEW
Western Europe 6 June 2024 2Q 2023 Refreshed
Central and Eastern Europe 4 June 2024 2Q 2023 Refreshed
Developed Asia–Pacific 4 June 2024 1Q 2023 Refreshed
Latin America 2 May 2024 3Q 2023  
Emerging Asia–Pacific 2 May 2024 2Q 2023  
Sub-Saharan Africa 2 May 2024 3Q 2023  
Latest 'Telco' actuals data Publication date Historical data up to: Status
Financial KPIs (all regions) 6 June 2024 1Q 2024 NEW
North America 6 June 2024 4Q 2023 Refreshed
Western Europe 6 June 2024 4Q 2023 Refreshed
Central and Eastern Europe 6 June 2024 4Q 2023 Refreshed
Middle East and North Africa 6 June 2024 4Q 2023 Refreshed
Emerging Asia–Pacific 3 June 2024 4Q 2023 Refreshed
Developed Asia–Pacific 8 May 2024 4Q 2023  
Latin America 7 May 2024 4Q 2023  
Sub-Saharan Africa 8 May 2024 4Q 2023  

'Telco' core and topic forecasts have different update cycles. These publication dates reflect the latest changes to 'Telco' core forecasts.
Please select the 'Country coverage and versions' item on the 'About the DataHub' menu for full details of update versions.
'Refreshed' indicates a minor change to an existing dataset and 'NEW' indicates a full new version.


The financial KPI dataset has been updated for all geographies with data to 1Q 2024. We have also reviewed and republished historical datasets for some countries as part of the forecasting process (see next section).


We have made full updates to our core forecasts for North America and the Middle East and North Africa based on historical data to 4Q 2023. We have also made partial updates (taking into account recent data changes and new market trends) to the core forecasts for most countries in Western Europe and to Bulgaria in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as to the fixed–mobile convergence forecasts for North America. The business, communications services and global core forecasts have been refreshed to align with these changes.

We have revised the exchange rates used for Iran in order to capture the impact of high inflation in that country, which results in significantly lower USD values than previously published. This change follows our annual exchange rate transition that was completed in May 2024, which resulted in more widespread changes to monetary values expressed in common currencies (USD or EUR) for 2023 and onwards.


Data for all geographies was updated in April 2024 and is based on 2023 historical data.


Telco data will be refreshed again in late June when we will complete the 1Q 2024 historical dataset. We will also update the wireless data traffic forecasts.