DataHub enables clients to access historical and forecast data from the Regional Markets and other selected Analysys Mason research programmes.

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The easy-to-use interface and intuitive filtering enable you to:

  • analyse over 2800 metrics in more than 80 individual markets and 9 regions worldwide at the click of a mouse, without the need to open multiple Excel data annexes
  • select regional results and worldwide totals, and operator historical data
  • view on-screen charts to analyse trends and make comparisons between markets and operators, and see financial values in USD, EUR or local currency
  • export your data to Excel
  • save and re-load your searches
  • link directly from report landing pages on the Analysys Mason website to DataHub searches to retrieve data for each report.
DataHub information pack

Download our DataHub information pack to find out more, or view the full list of metrics available and get an overview of coverage by geography.

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About DataHub

The data that you can see in the DataHub is determined by your subscription.

DataHub is constantly growing in scope. It already includes the entire suite of data associated with the regional markets programme, plus datasets from other topic programmes.

There are two parts to the DataHub. The ACTUALS portal provides operator and country data and is updated quarterly, while the FORECAST portal provides a number of forecast datasets, which are updated at least twice yearly.


The ACTUALS dataset provides country and operator data from the regional markets programmes, including financial KPIs, and Telecoms Market Matrix for Europe. Key market data is provided for over 85 countries and around 600 operators. Data is updated quarterly, and provided for years, quarters and some half-years. We also include fixed–mobile convergence metrics for 19 countries.          


The CORE FORECASTS provide country data from the European Core ForecastsAsia–PacificThe Middle East and AfricaAmericas and Global Telecoms Data programmes. They use around 200 standardised metrics to give a comprehensive overview of key market developments in 85 countries, and provide aggregated results for 8 regions and the whole world (more than 90 geographical regions). We provide an additional 170 metrics for Europe.

The FORECASTS portal also includes an expanding set of granular topic datasets, including:    

  • IoT forecasts (1300+ metrics, 90+ geographies). Granular IoT forecasts, giving breakdown by IoT sector, revenue stream and technology. Click here for information about the assumptions, definitions and methodology used in our IoT forecasts.
  • Business forecasts (700+ metrics, 60+ geographies). Granular forecasts for businesses, split by enterprise size categories. 
  • Pay-TV forecasts (100+ metrics, 55+ geographies). Forecasts of pay-TV households, services and spend, split by pay-TV service delivery platform.   
  • Communications Services forecasts (100+ metrics, 70+ geographies). Forecasts of voice and messaging services by technology (traditional/IP), and operator/OTT player.
  • Data network traffic forecasts (around 40 metrics, 50+ geographies). Forecasts of fixed and wireless network data traffic by technology and device.

Latest update – 3 March 2023


This update includes the following revisions to the forecasts data sets.

  • Core forecasts: full update for Sub-Saharan Africa; business elements updated for North America.
  • Business forecasts:full update for North America; alignment with core forecasts for Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Worldwide totals, and the Communications services forecasts have also been refreshed to incorporate these new elements.
  • Please note that we no longer model the Sudanese market individually within the Sub-Saharan Africa forecasts, but the results for that country are included in the regional totals.


The next update will be in late March/early April 2023 and will include further forecast updates, including the core and business forecast updates for Latin America.

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Latest forecast versions Publication date Based on historical data up to: Status
Worldwide 2 March 2023 2Q 2021 Refreshed
Sub-Saharan Africa 2 March 2023 3Q 2022 NEW
North America 2 March 2023 1Q 2022 Refreshed
Emerging Asia–Pacific 15 February 2023 2Q 2022  
Western Europe 14 February 2023 2Q 2022  
Middle East and North Africa 31 January 2023 4Q 2021  
Central and Eastern Europe 28 January 2023 2Q 2022  
Developed Asia–Pacific 12 December 2022 1Q 2022  
Latin America 1 December 2022 2Q 2021  
Latest actuals data Publication date Based on historical data up to: Status
North America 2 March 2023 3Q 2022 Refreshed
Sub-Saharan Africa 2 March 2023 3Q 2022 Refreshed
Emerging Asia–Pacific 15 February 2023 3Q 2022  
Latin America 14 February 2023 3Q 2022  
Middle East and North Africa 14 February 2023 3Q 2022  
Developed Asia–Pacific 13 February 2023 3Q 2022  
Western Europe 12 February 2023 3Q 2022  
Central and Eastern Europe 27 January 2023 3Q 2022  
Financial KPIs (all regions) 15 January 2023 3Q 2022