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Analysys Mason Quarterly Oct-Dec 2018

Analysys Mason Oct-Dec 2018Welcome to the fourth issue of the Analysys Mason Quarterly newsletter for 2018, which features our experts' thought leadership on a range of key topics.

Consumers can ‘pay’ for better broadband with higher prices or reduced choice

Investment, regulation and competition investigations are shifting to focus on full-fibre broadband networks, but consumer revenue is what is needed to pay for fibre.

Protecting consumers from themselves

In many markets, competition for consumers is effective, but the market is not working well for those who do not engage by shopping around regularly. For loyal customers there is no loyalty bonus.

In-flight connectivity will be the main driver of demand for high-data-rate satellite trunking by 2025

We forecast that the worldwide market for high-speed satellite trunking services will grow in value to EUR4.7 billion in 2025 and we believe the fastest-growing segment will be in-flight connectivity for passenger aircraft.

The positive impact on connectivity services could justify operator investment in enterprise cloud servicesThe positive impact on connectivity services could justify operator investment in enterprise cloud services

Cloud services continue to evolve and proliferate, with multi-cloud solutions becoming commonplace. This is leading to new opportunities for operators to maintain, and perhaps boost, their core connectivity revenue.

Customer data monetisationAddressing the complexities of mobile network deployment will help to deliver 5G to the UK

The Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG)) recently commissioned Analysys Mason to conduct a study to assess the barriers to the commercial deployment of 5G. In this article, we discuss the key findings.

The digital transformation continuum: understanding the motivators that drive ongoing operator investments

Although the term digital transformation is widely accepted, there is no consensus on what digital transformation really is. This article briefly discusses the primary motivations that are driving investment.