Analysys Mason’s predictions for M&A activity in the telecoms market in 2019

18 January 2019 | Consulting

Alessandro Ravagnolo


Analysys Mason's top-10 predictions for M&A activity in the telecoms market in 2019.

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  1. Acquisition multiples for infrastructure assets will continue to soar.
  2. Infrastructure carve-outs will become more common.
  3. Financiers will put pressure on European fixed incumbents to separate and to sell stakes in access networks.
  4. Discussions about the benefits of creating a full-infrastructure business model will intensify.
  5. The fibre deployment value chain will experience an increasing level of M&A activity.
  6. Private equity firms will shop around for B2B cloud service companies.
  7. Operators' M&A agendas will be dictated by the need to strengthen their enterprise and IoT capabilities.
  8. 5G is coming but it will be operator-led, limiting the financial investors' M&A opportunity in 2019.
  9. More IoT MVNOs will find new owners.
  10. Network virtualisation/cloud native will continue to support the 'innovate-and-sell' investment thesis for challenger software providers.

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