The 6GHz opportunity

14 November 2019 | Consulting

Harald Wium Lie

Perspective | PDF (28 pages)

The deployment of 5G will bring large benefits to mobile services and users over the next years. To ensure the full IMT vision, 5G will require spectrum in low frequency bands below 1 GHz, in mid-bands from 2GHz to 8GHz, and in high frequency bands above 8GHz. This report documents the importance of including studies for the IMT identification of the frequency range 6–7GHz (5925–7125MHz) as an agenda item for WRC-23. The goal of these studies would be to understand the possibilities to deploy IMT while protecting existing services in the band.

This report includes discussion under the following headings.

  • Broadband networks bring economic growth and quality of life: 5G will extend this.
  • Important drivers for 5G use of mid-band spectrum.
  • Future traffic growth scenarios.
  • The WRC 19 opportunity.

Discussion on the 6GHz opportunity for IMT