Connected Europe: building the gigabit society

12 October 2017 | Consulting

Matt Yardley

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Connected Europe: building the gigabit societyThis collection of articles covers a range of topics relevant to building the gigabit society in Europe. 

First, we look at the costs of delivering different connectivity targets across Europe, an analysis we undertook for the European Commission last year which helped shape policy makers’ thinking on this matter.

Next, we turn to the demand side and one of the critical issues associated with financing the very large investments needed in European infrastructure, namely the rate of FTTH activation, with a specific focus on the experiences in France.

Then we provide a summary of some new work we have just published in the UK on lowering barriers to infrastructure deployments, with 19 firm recommendations for operators, regulators and governments.

We then switch attention to 5G, starting with a spectrum roadmap, highlighting a number of issues to be overcome if 5G is to deliver on its promise. We also discuss how fixed, mobile and potentially utility networks could share resources more effectively to deliver better market outcomes.

We close with an article about a new technology, blockchain, which over the longer term may have a far-reaching impact on our industry and others.

As a sector-specialist in telecoms, media and technology, Analysys Mason is active advising clients across Europe on the above topics. Our clients include operators, investors, regulators and governments, and increasingly our advisory work is becoming gigabit-focused

 In summary, the articles include topics on:

  • The commercial challenges of delivering the gigabit society
  • Annual FTTH activation rate 
  • Unlocking future investment in fibre and mobile
  • A spectrum roadmap towards 5G
  • 5G viability 
  • Blockchain technology.

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This collection of articles covers a range of topics relevant to building the gigabit society in Europe.

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Matt Yardley

Managing Partner