European Telecoms Summit 2018

The 1-day summit takes place on Thursday 4 October 2018 and will help operators and vendors to understand the key drivers and trends that are influencing the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry in Europe.

The event will assess the changing role of telcos in the mobile value chain by focusing on new disruptive players and potential partners in communication services.

Our event will feature leading analysts and subject-matter experts, who will deliver exclusive insights and advice.

Keynote presentations focus on 5G, digital transformation and enterprise opportunities beyond connectivity

Delegates will have the opportunity to attend in-depth breakout sessions covering:

  • developments in the IoT market
  • the network as digital infrastructure
  • business models for the transition to full fibre in Europe
  • consumer TV and video viewing trends
  • AI at the heart of digital tranformation
  • digital experience best practice.

Places at the event are limited and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Register your interest using the button on the right, and we will inform you within a week if you have been allocated a place.

Free invitation-only, 1-day event

Comprehensive agenda

The summit agenda features keynote presentations and briefing sessions.

Industry-leading research

Presentations will draw on detailed primary and secondary research.

Which companies will be represented?

Telecoms operators, vendors, financial institutions, policy makers and regulators.

Who should attend?

CxOs, marketing intelligence personnel, policy executives, and members of marketing and strategy teams will benefit most from attending.


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5 More London Place,
Tooley Street,
SE1 2BY,
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 3002 4300

Arrival, registration and refreshments
Welcome and introduction to the European Telecoms Summit 2018
  • Summit introduction
  • Overview of the telecoms, media and technology market in Europe

Presenter: Fiona Glennon, Managing Director, Analysys Mason Research

The case for 5G: where are we really?
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) savings justification: fact or fiction?
  • The truth about cloud-RAN
  • Beyond the hype and R15: delivering business benefits
  • Network slicing: R16, use cases and vertical market requirements

Presenters: Dana Cooperson, Research Director

Coffee break
Digital transformation: implementation and tangible business benefits
  • Towards a clear definition of digital transformation: progression framework with four key elements
  • What is best practice? What have leading operators done already or what do they expect to do in these four key areas?
  • What measurable business benefits do operators expect, and what are the measurable financial and operational impacts to date?
  • What can be achieved: capex and opex forecasts.
  • Will digitalisation actually be financially transformational?

Presenters: Larry Goldman, Partner, Head of Networks and Software Research

Enterprise opportunities beyond connectivity
  • Forecasts for the broader IT market beyond connectivity
  • Approaches for addressing this market
  • Operator positioning and competitive differentiation

Presenter: Tom Rebbeck, Research Director

Breakout session 1

1.    IoT trends: new connectivity models, LPWA and IoT platforms

Presenters: Michele Mackenzie, Principal Analyst, Research and Ahmed Ali, Senior Analyst, Research

  • The potential for consumer IoT services
  • New business models with LPWA
  • The threat from new IoT MVNOs


2. The network as digital infrastructure: a reality check

Presenters: Caroline Chappell, Research Director

  •  Network virtualisation: state of the market
  • Update on WAN SDN: implications for network management and automation
  • 5G and virtualisation: new entrants gain momentum


3. Business models for transition to full-fibre in Europe 

Presenter: Rupert Wood, Research Director

  • The long-established incumbent/cable/other licensed operators (OLO) market structure is collapsing and new market structures are emerging
  • The rise of competitive wholesale fibre: passive and active access
  • Alternative models: co-investment; indefeasible rights of use (IRU); commercial wholesale; contingent access and pipe only retail
  • The impact on retail services and pricing; forecasts of full-fibre coverage and take-up


4. Turning the linear OTT threat into an opportunity: strategies for delivering high-quality live OTT TV and video services

Presenter: Gorkem Yigit, Senior Analyst, Research

  • Strategies for pay-TV operators to turn the live OTT services threat into an opportunity
  • Insight into replicating the QoE of traditional TV services in live OTT services
  • Overview of key content delivery network (CDN), video optimisation and video processing approaches to overcoming scalability and latency issues


5. Placing AI at the heart of digital transformation: how data-driven automation is critical to success

Presenter: Justin van der Lande, Principal Analyst, Research

  • Defining AI and identifying the factors that are critical to its use
  • Where do vendors' solutions fit alongside other solutions and what role should communications service providers (CSPs) perform in providing in-house solutions?
  • Where should AI first be applied?
  • What examples of solutions are there in the market?


6. Identifying best practice in digital experience

Presenter: Stephen Sale, Research Director

  • The drivers of customer experience: pricing, performance and service
  • The role of digital channels in improving customer service
  • Measuring success in digital experience transformation
Coffee break
Breakout session 2

Repeat of earlier sessions from 14:00–14:45.

Drinks Reception
Thursday 4 October 2018 10:00AM - 6:00PM (BST)
London, UK