Private Networks Global Forum


Ibraheem Kasujee, Senior Analyst, Analysys Mason, will be moderating the panel session: How to implement a private 5G network within a legacy system at Private Networks Global Forum, which will be held online on 23 May 2023.

About the event

The telecom industry and its ecosystem strongly believe in 5G private networks' capabilities to conquer new markets, but the adoption of the technology by enterprises is slower than predicted. As many issues remain on both sides, is the technology ready to take on enterprises' digital transformation?

In this one day forum, you will gain insights into issues regarding spectrum allocation, legacy system integration, device compatibility, and partnership ecosystems. Join us and find out if 5G could solve security issues and help reduce carbon emissions, and discover more private 5G case studies in different verticals.

Topics the event agenda will cover include:

  • What are the drivers behind private 5G and do enterprises really need it?
  • How to implement a private 5G network within a legacy system
  • What issues must be solved within the new partnership ecosystem?
  • Why is the lack of spectrum harmonization holding us back?
  • What are the security pitfalls when building a wireless private network?

For more details, and to register for this event, visit the website here.

Tuesday 23 May 2023 8:55AM - 3:45 PM EDT