Join us at the 12th annual Analysys Mason Telecoms Summit for a comprehensive, unique overview of what is happening now in the telecoms industry and what we expect to happen in the future.

This client-focused summit will give you essential insights into the key issues that affect your business.

You will also benefit from informal networking with our experts and your industry peers in an intimate face-to-face setting during a compact, informative day lead by Analysys Mason’s key analysts.

Registration for the in-person event is now closed. However, you can still register to access all the sessions on demand. The sessions will be available online from 10 October 2022.

The outlines for our sessions are as follows.

  • Overview of the telecoms industry
  • 5G business models
  • Service revenue growth for operators
  • Private LTE/5G networks
  • SMBs' IT spending priorities and needs
  • Future of fibre technology
  • Impact of new technology on operators’ management systems
  • Introduction to our satellite and space research
  • Changing operator investment patterns
  • Effect of cloud on operators' approaches to network and data
  • Metaverse opportunities for operators
  • The future of mobile

See the "Agenda" page for further details of the sessions.


Hilton London Tower Bridge, 5 More London Riverside, Tooley St, London SE1 2BY

Welcome and introduction to the Analysys Mason Telecoms Summit 2022
  • Welcome to the summit.
  • What issues are driving the telecoms industry?
  • What opportunities do these issues present for different industry players?
  • What will we cover today?

Fiona Glennon and Larry Goldman

5G and beyond: evolving 5G business models to 6G
  • Which approaches are different types of operators taking to 5G?
  • How are operators implementing 5G, and how are the approaches to applying cloud architecture to the network evolving?
  • What are the early 5G successes and which business models point the way to the future?

Caroline Chappell and Caroline Gabriel

Where will service revenue growth come from?
  • What are the service revenue growth options and prospects for consumer services (such as 5G, media services, edge and B2B2C markets including education and health)?
  • What are the service revenue growth options and prospects for business services (such as 5G, edge, security, private networks and IoT)?
  • What are the recommendations for operators that wish to develop their revenue growth strategies?

Tom Rebbeck

How to succeed in the private LTE/5G networks market
  • Who will win in the private LTE/5G networks market, and how big will the market be?
  • Which sectors and enterprises are buying private networks today, and which companies are supplying them?
  • Which suppliers are offering services to complement private networks, and how successful are they?

Michele Mackenzie

Space: a new era for telecoms players
  • Introduction to NSR’s satellite and space coverage
  • Why is satellite size and scale more relevant to the telecoms industry than ever?
  • Which trends are driving satellite players forwards?

Christopher Baugh

SMBs’ changing ecosystem: expanding the opportunity for operators
  • What are SMBs’ future IT spending priorities?
  • What technologies do SMBs use currently, and what do they plan to invest in?
  • What services and support do SMBs need the most?

Bob Takacs

Where next for FTTP?
  • What are the timelines for upgrading optical access in both the active and passive layers?
  • What are the current trends in network sharing, common platforms and wholesale, and how can operators make the most effective use of their existing assets?
  • What role does fibre play in the green network?

Rupert Wood

Friend or foe: the impact of new technologies on operators' management systems
  • SaaS: why now, what is the status of the market and what are the implications for vendors and operators?
  • How will the adoption of network cloud and MEC affect OSS?
  • How successful have big-bang, enterprise-wide or domain-based approaches to automation been, and what are the key technology enablers for automation?

Justin van der Lande

Changes in the structure of the telecoms market: threats and opportunities for operators
  • How will telecoms spending change as a result of new business models, new co-investment initiatives and the entry of new players in the market?
  • What changes will occur in the role that operators are playing in the market and how will these affect the overall ecosystem?
  • How must established operators change the economics of their organisations to remain competitive?

Michela Venturelli and Caroline Gabriel

Cloud as the catalyst for new operator approaches to network and data
  • What does the emerging cloud-native network cloud ecosystem look like?  
  • How will demands for multi-cloud/edge connectivity affect established network value chains?
  • How is operators’ adoption of cloud-based data, AI and analytics platforms changing their operational landscape and revenue opportunities?

Adaora Okeleke and Gorkem Yigit

The future of mobile
  • Why are European operators trading at low multiples?
  • Why are investors concerned?
  • What would a new industry structure look like, can it produce returns that are similar to those of other industries, and will it be possible to get there?

Charles Murray

Metaverse opportunities for telecoms operators
  • How do we establish a framework for thinking about the metaverse?
  • What do consumers think about metaverse applications and why are they important to telecoms operators?
  • What role can telecoms operators play in the metaverse?

Martin Scott