Meet the expert

Meet the expert

Anurag Dey

Manager, expert in sustainability

Companies have increasing regulatory and social obligations when it comes to sustainability and their workforce, which creates risks for investment but also lots of potential. Understanding the difference is what makes or breaks a transaction.

Anurag Dey is a Manager at Analysys Mason and specialises in sustainability. He works in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to support clients and partners on a wide range of transaction advisory work, strategy development, and business optimisation processes. He specialises in helping companies understand the risks and opportunities presented by the rising expectations of consumers, regulators and investors in relation to sustainability in its widest sense.

He has particular expertise in working with clients to develop new sustainability strategies, bringing his knowledge of emerging regulatory requirements and market expectations to create and implement best practice. 

Anurag has supported many of the world’s leading telecoms operators and technology vendors with advice on compliance with existing and forthcoming regulations relating to their environmental and social responsibilities. He helps to identify material sustainability risks that exist or may emerge in the future, including the potential impact of climate change, the challenges of maintaining a safe, productive and fair working environment, as well as ensuring that management systems and processes are fit for purpose. 

Anurag’s work enables clients to understand their reporting and performance requirements and to identify where performance needs to be improved. A clear framework to measure and document performance and policies is an increasingly important element of any investor’s calculations when considering a major transaction, and for some sources of finance this is an absolute requirement. Anurag recently developed a client’s first ever annual sustainability report, which gave an opportunity to assess historical performance and set a path to measure ongoing improvements.

Anurag’s expertise draws on a broad background that has spanned video games and online education, legal risk and compliance, emerging technology and sustainability. All of these come together in his work at Analysys Mason to provide overarching commercial and legal knowledge around sustainability and social governance to technology and telecoms clients. 

Anurag holds a Juris Doctor and a Bachelor of Socio-Legal Studies, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.