In a world where increased business reliance on digital capabilities is matched by the frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, the importance of robust cyber-security measures cannot be overstated. Analysys Mason offers a comprehensive suite of cyber-security services to ensure the security and resilience of your digital assets.   

We advise you on the major aspects of your cyber-security approach. We help identify gaps in each aspect of your cyber-security, enabling the identification of quick fixes and establishing long-term goals and plans to achieve an appropriate risk position for each of the cyber-security pillars: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover. 

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Identification of potential risks (Identify)

We understand that effective cyber security starts with strong governance and a thorough understanding of the risk surface. Our team works with your organisation to develop and implement robust cyber-security policies and procedures, as well as establishing a systematic approach to the documentation of systems and applications. We help you establish clear roles and responsibilities, set security objectives, and monitor performance against them.

Implementation of protective measures (Protect)

Our services include the implementation of advanced identity and access management solutions. We help you control who has access to your digital assets, ensuring that only authorised individuals can access sensitive data. Our solutions include user authentication, role-based access control, and user activity monitoring.

Detection of cyber-security events (Detect)

There is a wide range of cyber-security tools available on the market, and we help you select the right solution for your environment, ensuring an optimal cost–benefit balance for your particular needs. We also accompany the implementation from the initial requirements collection through to commissioning.

Response to incidents (Respond)

We support you in implementing your incident management process and creating the necessary playbooks for incident response. This includes setting up a security operations centre, either in house or by selecting a provider for a managed service.

Recovery after incidents (Recover)

We know that recovery after an attack can be a long and challenging process. We support you in restoring your business processes in a futureproof manner.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise allow us to guide you as you weigh up your business requirements and security needs. This pragmatic and bespoke approach ensures that you find the appropriate security posture, at the right cost without sacrificing business efficiency. We also ensure that systems and processes are implemented and configured to best suit the future needs of both the organisation and its end users.

We work closely with your organisation to understand your unique needs and tailor our services accordingly, ensuring your digital assets are well protected and resilient against cyber threats.

Meet the experts

Alexander Rumler

Manager, expert in tech-enabled transformation

Annika Nitschke

Consultant, expert in cyber security

Brahim Sakout-Andaloussi

Director, expert in tech-enabled transformation

Oscar Birnbreier

Director, expert in cyber security

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