Since joining Analysys Mason in 2014, Chris has developed particular expertise in wireless technologies and spectrum, as well as cost modelling and geo-analysis for telecoms networks. Chris has worked on a large range of spectrum projects, such as valuation and auction strategy for mobile spectrum including costing of coverage obligations, 5G and 6G spectrum analysis (assessing bands from 400MHz to sub-THz), and spectrum projects for non-mobile telecoms technologies including satellite, microwave links, PPDR and many others. Chris maintains the company's Spectrum Auction Tracker, a database of concluded and planned mobile spectrum auctions. He has experience in cost modelling developing long-run incremental cost (LRIC) models (for both fixed and mobile networks) in a number of markets around the world, as well as modelling the cost (and benefit) of 5G deployment. Chris also has extensive experience of geographic information systems (GIS) modelling for telecoms analysis in a range of contexts.

Chris joined Analysys Mason after graduating with a first-class MSc in Physics from the University of Cambridge.