Meet the expert

Meet the expert

Johann Adjovi

Partner, expert in strategy

The UAE is positioning itself as a global leader in AI, making huge investments in compute power, skills and at the forefront of regulations, making it a hugely exciting region to work in at this time.

Johann is a Partner in the consulting team, based in Dubai. He works in transaction support, regulation and strategy, with expertise in broadband and fibre networks. He has assisted many operators, hyperscalers, regulators and financial institutions in Europe and the Middle East on topics such as infrastructure/business strategy, spectrum, core regulation, as well as transaction support for fibre networks, telecoms towers, operators and data centres.

Some of Johann’s proudest achievements include his role in large transformation projects, especially those that deliver demonstrable value for stakeholders and citizens. Johann cites an example of a national project to increase broadband network speeds, which was delivered successfully after navigating a combination of complex commercial, wholesale, regulatory, marketing and technical challenges in the context of broader government policy objectives.

Johann is especially excited to be in the UAE during the country’s transformation into a global AI power. He is working with private and public organisations in the country to determine how AI can benefit them and how to integrate AI technologies into the organisation.

Johann holds Master’s degrees in telecommunications engineering, in corporate finance, and one in science from Télécom ParisTech.

Johann is a self-confessed technology enthusiast, using his engineering background to create a campus network (Wi-Fi and storage) inside his own home. He also enjoys triathlons, and loves theatre of all types but musicals in particular.