Meet the expert

Meet the expert

Stefan Hainz

Partner, expert in business transformation and AI

Being able to talk naturally to a technology that can generate content that is barely distinguishable from what humans create is a completely new quality in AI and it’s a real game changer – but it brings complex challenges ranging from ethics to cyber security.  

Stefan is a Partner based in our Bonn office. His primary expertise is in business transformation, which he has used to support clients across a variety of sectors. He started out exploring ways to optimise telecoms systems for the finance and banking sector, before moving into telecoms consultancy. He joined Allolio&Konrad in 2008, which became a part of Analysys Mason in 2020.  

In addition to telecoms work, Stefan has extensive experience in the utility sector, having worked on pricing and product management in the energy sector. In fact one of the projects of which Stefan is most proud is helping to steer a major energy company through the recent energy crisis. The CEO acknowledged afterwards that the input from Stefan and his team was instrumental in helping the company to survive market conditions that might very well have caused it to fail.

Stefan is a strong believer that working life should be fun, creative and stimulating. This appetite for exploration has driven him to investigate the evolving world of GenAI and LLMs, and to help clients understand both the potential and the practicalities of integrating AI into their systems and IT portfolio. 

Stefan holds a PhD in pure maths, and specialised in symplectic geometry. 

His family includes several accomplished musicians, which has inspired Stefan to take up the saxophone, but only after finding he didn’t get on with the clarinet or the flute.