1NCE is seeking to disrupt the IoT connectivity market once more with its new high-data tariff

12 March 2024 | Research

Ibraheem Kasujee | Mary Saunders

Article | PDF (3 pages) | IoT Services

"1NCE’s new high-data tariff could replicate the disruption caused by IoT Flat Rate in 2018 and put further pressure on connectivity prices."


1NCE announced at Mobile World Congress 2024 that it is launching a new, high-data IoT tariff (‘High Data IoT’), at a competitive price point of USD5 per gigabyte of data.

High Data IoT represents a change in strategy for 1NCE. The company launched in 2018 with a single disruptive, low-cost prepaid tariff (‘IoT Flat Rate’) aimed at low-data IoT applications. The IoT Flat Rate tariff was the only publicly available tariff from 1NCE prior to the recent announcement, though 1NCE also bids for IoT contracts via traditional consultative or tender-based processes that take place behind closed doors.


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