IoT connections and revenue: trends and analysis 2022

22 June 2023 | Research

Ibraheem Kasujee | Mary Saunders

Tracker report | PPTX and PDF (10 slides) | IoT Services

"IoT connections continued to grow at a steady pace in 2022, but IoT revenue growth outside of China is slowing."


IoT revenue and connections continues to experience significant growth, with China leading the way. Despite this, many operators have struggled to monetise IoT solutions, with IoT forming a minimal proportion of mobile revenue.

Information included in this report

  • An overview of the strategies taken by operators to increase IoT revenue
  • Growth in IoT revenue compared to its proportion of total mobile revenue
  • Factors driving growth in IoT connections and how the number of connections differs by region

This report is based on our IoT/M2M revenue and connections tracker 4Q 2022.


IoT connections and revenue: trends and analysis 2022

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