Akamai’s acquisition of Linode brings the largest CDN player into edge IaaS at last

23 February 2022 | Research

Caroline Chappell

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Edge and Media Platforms

"Akamai’s acquisition of Linode will be seen in a positive light by application developers and operators, but public cloud providers should keep a close eye on the company given that it addresses edge-native application requirements that they do not."


Akamai’s purchase of public cloud provider (PCP) Linode will enable it to address edge use cases beyond content delivery and will help it to support new application architecture at the edge ahead of the largest PCPs. Akamai intends to co-locate Linode infrastructure with its 450 000 content delivery servers worldwide to provide an alternative runtime environment to the public cloud for both enterprise edge applications and telecoms operator network functions.


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