BCW20: edge computing and 5G take centre stage at Bosch’s annual customer and partner event

13 March 2020 | Research

Article | PDF (3 pages) | IoT Services

"Despite Bosch's global presence, it is still inwardly focused and is not as skilled as some of its competitors in marketing its competencies to customers outside its own business units and subsidiaries."

Bosch held its annual event for customers and partners, Bosch Connected World (BCW20), in February 2020, where it provided an update on Bosch's IoT strategy and showcased its solutions. Bosch's vision and its technological solutions for IoT are impressive. The company continues to develop new technologies to support its internal digital transformation (Bosch has over 400 subsidiaries) as well as to sell to customers. However, Bosch still needs to sharpen its marketing and more clearly explain the benefits of its solutions. Edge computing, AI and 5G were the main areas of focus at this year's event. 

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