Next-generation BSS platforms are formed of three main building blocks

31 May 2022 | Research

John Abraham

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Customer Engagement| Digital Experience

"CSPs' priority, from an architecture design perspective, is to establish an agile, flexible and cost-effective foundation for the future."


This article is based on a perspective that was commissioned by CSG. The full report on next-generation access BSS can be accessed via CSG’s website.

The ongoing roll-out of 5G and the continued emphasis on digital transformation are driving broad changes within the telecoms industry as communications service providers (CSPs) evolve into digital service providers (DSPs). CSPs have a large number of opportunities within their reach; these have been enabled by both the introduction of 5G and the broader ‘digital society’ wave that is reshaping economic flows and disrupting traditional supplier/distributor value chains. CSPs are responding to these trends by increasing their focus on developing capabilities that will allow them to swiftly embrace, and effectively monetise, emerging opportunities.


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