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Fixed broadband is more at risk of substitution by large-volume handset plans in some countries than in others

08 June 2020 | Research

Stephen Wilson

Article | PDF (2 pages) | Fixed Broadband Services| Fixed–Mobile Convergence

"Fixed broadband and mobile pricing, the quality and prevalence of fixed broadband connections, the percentage of single person households and the size of mobile data allowances are all important variables in determining the risk of mobile handset plans substituting fixed broadband connections."

Fixed broadband operators need to be aware of the threat of substitution to mobile handset plans that offer very large or unlimited data quotas. The number of fixed broadband subscribers has only declined in a few countries as yet, but this trend may extend to other countries in the future. In this context, fixed broadband operators need to understand which factors make subscribers more pre-disposed to rely solely on mobile handset plans for their data needs. This comment assesses these factors.


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