CSPs can use the disruptive capabilities of GenAI technology to their advantage in assurance systems

20 February 2024 | Research

Dennisa Nichiforov

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Automated Assurance

"CSPs should harness the disruptive capabilities of GenAI to boost the efficiency of their assurance systems."


Generative AI (GenAI) has become the centre of attention for most communications service providers (CSPs) because of the impact it is likely to have on the industry and their individual businesses. The advent of GenAI has sparked renewed enthusiasm for integrating AI into telecoms processes, especially within network operations where it is increasingly viewed as a transformative technology that can significantly enhance operational efficiency, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. Indeed, the presence of AI in the telecoms industry is already evident, in terms of the solutions offered by technology partners and the proprietary systems developed by CSPs themselves. These systems are instrumental in managing various tasks, making quicker and more accurate decisions, and enabling process automations. 

In terms of CSPs’ assurance systems and services, AI can expedite troubleshooting, streamline issue resolution and offer remediation guidance. It is also integrated in systems used for predictive analytics, which can proactively identify and address issues in real-time, and even anticipate potential problems before they arise. Over time, AI will enable networks to continually learn, self-optimise and even predict and rectify service degradations before they occur. The integration of AI in networking is transforming the way networks are managed and monitored, enhancing their efficiency and reliability. 

However, the advent of GenAI raises the question of how GenAI can enhance the capabilities that AI already delivers in assurance.


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