Automated Assurance


Analysys Mason's Automated Assurance research programme examines automated assurance in various contexts including how communications service providers (CSPs) can achieve higher NOC and SOC efficiencies; shift their focus from the network to service quality and customer experience; move from physical to virtual networks; and enable closed-loop automation. The programme is based on 25 years of research and interviews with vendors and operators to produce annual market share reports, 5-year forecasts and strategy reports. 


  • Hyper-automation and the impact of AI and GenAI. Automation is essential for reducing cost and enabling complex services.
  • IT stack consolidation. Shifting to SaaS/managed services and consolidating OSS/BSS applications in streamlined platforms.
  • Operational impact of new network technology. Supporting 5G SA and Open RAN, and using new software-defined networks.

Questions answered

  • How can AI technologies be implemented to provide the tools needed for hyper-automation of all operational processes?
  • Do new telecoms business models break current assurance solutions, and how can these traditional systems withstand the disruption of the emerging telecoms business models?
  • What are the implications of supporting Open RAN for assurance systems and do CSPs need a new set of systems to support Open RAN 5G assurance?
  • Will emerging technologies and integrated digital solutions make CSP-only assurance systems obsolete?
  • How do CSPs implement service-level agreements (SLAs) and how are they used to differentiate CSPs’ services to gain a competitive edge in the market?

Programme head Dennisa Nichiforov

Dennisa Nichiforov Senior Analyst