Automated Assurance

Analysys Mason's Automated Assurance research programme takes a fresh look at the service assurance market and provides in-depth analysis on why and how assurance technology must evolve to become more automated to support intent-driven networks and zero touch operations. The research will focus on explaining the impact of emerging technologies such as NFV, SDN, cloud, 5G and IoT on service assurance, the new demands around extreme automation, value chain disruptions, and opportunities and threats for the vendor ecosystem.

This programme helps the industry to embrace automated assurance in a multi-dimensional context including: achieving higher NOC efficiencies, evolving the operations from network-focused to service quality- and customer experience-focused organisation, making the transition from physical to virtual networks, and enabling closed-loop automation in conjunction with configuration systems, optimisation systems and SON, and the new emerging management and network orchestration systems. In addition, our research provides critical insight into the prospects for established and emerging service assurance, automated assurance and operations automation products and related professional services.

Key themes

  • Achieving operations automation in physical networks and taking cost of the business: immediate opportunities around the automation of assurance processes in existing operations of physical networks.
  • Applying advanced analytics paradigms: using machine learning and emerging artificial intelligence paradigms to enable intelligence-driven assurance to achieve extreme operations automation, paving the way for zero touch or autonomous operations.
  • Operationalising hybrid networks: key assurance considerations for implementing intent-based networking in hybrid physical-virtual networks, taking into consideration real-time topology requirements and integration into MANO.
  • Assurance for cloud-native networks: new approaches to assurance in container-based networks, and architectural and design requirements to build fit-for-purpose assurance systems. Assurance for 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) networks must consider low latency and ultra-low latency use cases.
  • Open source and assurance: analysis on the implications of open-source operation frameworks such as ONAP, OSM and others on assurance.

Programme head Dennisa Nichiforov

Dennisa Nichiforov Senior Analyst