Restrictions on permanent roaming are forcing IoT providers to rethink multi-country connectivity

04 June 2024 | Research

Ibraheem Kasujee

Article | PDF (3 pages) | IoT Services

"IoT providers are moving towards localised solutions to navigate an increasing number of restrictions on permanent roaming."


Regulators and operators are clamping down on permanent roaming because IoT traffic has increased. This is creating a problem for the many IoT connectivity providers that were relying on permanent roaming to provide coverage, at least in some countries.

We look at the options that IoT providers have to get around these issues, including localised IMSIs, eUICC-based solutions and deploying a local point-of-presence, in our International IoT connectivity: challenges and solutions for providers report. A shift away from permanent roaming will change the relationships between MNOs, aggregators and MVNOs that underpin many IoT providers’ connectivity offerings. Most notably, MVNOs will increasingly forge IMSI agreements directly with MNOs, thereby reducing the role of aggregators.


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Ibraheem Kasujee

Senior Analyst