CSPs can use next-best actions to increase the customer lifetime value and improve retention

11 June 2024 | Research

Raúl Simmons Pérez

Article | PDF (2 pages) | Customer Engagement

"The deployment of a next-best action engine can result in improved customer lifetime values and lower rates of churn."


Personalisation is becoming increasingly important for customers and is a key service differentiator for CSPs, as is customers’ experience with the service they receive. CSPs can combine these two aspects by deploying a next-best action (NBA) engine to provide a superior customer experience, thereby resulting in improved customer lifetime value and lower rates of churn. NBAs are commercial, service or network actions that are designed to optimise customers’ interactions and drive positive outcomes for CSPs. These actions can include service enablement, service suspension and the application of a fair-use policy.


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Raúl Simmons Pérez