NVIDIA acquires Run:ai to strengthen its full-stack AI platform strategy

14 May 2024 | Research

Gorkem Yigit

Article | PDF (2 pages) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies

"The Run:ai acquisition positions NVIDIA at the forefront of developing cloud-native AI infrastructure orchestration and optimisation capabilities, and bolsters its ambitions for a full-stack AI platform."


In April 2024, NVIDIA announced its acquisition of Run:ai for an estimated USD700 million, marking the first major acquisition for the company since Mellanox in 2020. Run:ai is an Israeli start-up company that specialises in providing a Kubernetes-based AI/ML workflow management and orchestration platform, which is widely deployed across various organisations. The two companies have had a close partnership and integrated joint solutions, with the Run:ai platform supported in NVIDIA’s hardware and software stack, including DGX Systems, Base Command, NGC containers and others. This article analyses the rationale behind the acquisition and explores how Run:ai will play a pivotal role in NVIDIA’s full-stack AI platform strategy.


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Gorkem Yigit

Research Director