Operators are gearing up for blockchain and are expected to initiate their implementations in 2020

29 January 2020 | Research

Justin van der Lande

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Data, AI and Development Platforms

"Is blockchain a technology in search of a solution, or does its fundamental security and capability to share transactional data mean that it will be adopted quickly within the telecoms industry?"

Blockchain is now a stable technology and there are multiple suppliers that can support CSPs with their implementations

Communications service providers (CSPs) are actively investigating, and in some limited cases adopting, blockchain technology within their operations. Blockchain can be used in the following five key application areas.

  • The organisation of sharing settlements between partners and the simplification of roaming agreements.
  • Digital rights management and the monetisation of data.
  • The support of more-secure digital payments and vouchers.
  • The provision of identity management and authentication.
  • Asset tracking, management and supply chain management.

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