Rebel Internet’s focus on Wi-Fi highlights the opportunities for smaller ISPs in in-home connectivity

06 June 2023 | Research

Oliver Bruff

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Fixed Broadband Services

"Rebel Internet’s Wi-Fi-centric marketing highlights growing competition among ISPs to provide advanced home Wi-Fi solutions."


Rebel Internet, a challenger internet service provider (ISP), has recently begun to promote its fixed broadband services on the benefits of its Wi-Fi mesh hardware. Rebel Internet presents home Wi-Fi as its primary product and offers wireline connectivity as an optional bundle. Rebel Internet’s focus on in-home connectivity highlights a growing trend for challenger providers to differentiate their fixed broadband services by offering home Wi-Fi solutions that provide improved throughput and coverage. As applications evolve to be more demanding, it is likely that operators will begin to focus on other quality-of-service aspects of in-home connectivity, such as latency.

This article discusses Rebel Internet’s home Wi-Fi strategy and the broader opportunities that home Wi-Fi offers for challenger fixed broadband providers.


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Oliver Bruff