SK Telecom aims to use the T Universe subscription service to increase its share of consumer spending

23 November 2021 | Research

Raúl Simmons Pérez

Article | PDF (3 pages) | Mobile Services

"SK Telecom is launching a radical new subscription model to capture more consumer spending, but it remains to be seen whether operators in other markets will be able to emulate this offering."


SK Telecom’s (SKT’s) T Universe is a new subscription-based platform for consumers in South Korea that bundles a range of third-party services. T Universe positions SKT as a broker for a significant amount of consumer spending and represents the first iteration of such an ambitious service in the world. Telecoms operators are well-positioned to aggregate subscription-based services and other operators will be watching T Universe closely. In this article, we analyse the T Universe offering and consider whether this can be emulated in other markets.


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