Tokyo is using smart-city technologies to become a ‘smart-energy city’

24 May 2017 | Research

Case study | PDF (6 pages) | IoT Services| Asia–Pacific

"Tokyo is using smart-city technologies to develop into a 'smart-energy city.'"

There are two key motives underpinning Japan's smart-city projects: improving energy security and efficiency; and showcasing advanced technology. In Tokyo, smart-city projects have introduced energy efficiency solutions, including high efficiency systems, electric vehicles and local power storage.

This case study provides:

  • an introduction to Tokyo's smart-city strategy
  • insights into the key motives for deploying a smart city
  • an outline of smart-city services
  • an overview of the key stakeholders
  • an overview of the funding mechanisms for smart city projects
  • key points, where applicable, on policy and regulation.